What our users say

Wow I cannot believe the amount of value this extension has brought me thank you so much mymark.me You're truly appreciate you for your ingenuity.

Derrick Edwards, Chrome User

Perfect! Now I can go where I want without spending so much time looking for my favorite sites.

Sheila Postel, Chrome User

I absolutely love this app. I have waited a long time for a bookmark page I can sort, color code, and customize.

Ashley Nagorski-Upthagrove, Chrome User

This is the best Bookmark program I have tried, is very visual, I love you can have multiple pages and move groups between pages! Also, a huge feature for me is being able to keep simple notes as well.

Firefox User

Excellent App! Simple and intuitive.

Aditya Sharma, Chrome User

Just what I was looking for! This app is my dashboard, so far I have 3 beautiful pages: Daily, Often, and Sometimes. I know just where to go to get to where I need to be. I LOVE that I open my sites in new tabs. I look forward to exploring its potential!

Tielle O'Glinda, Chrome User

myMark is a beautiful bookmark manager with categories, pages, and notes to organize everything.

Keisha Edmonds, Chrome User

A very, very good extension and finally I found a bookmark manager that works perfectly for me. Easy to work on and edit to my taste/design. I recently had a query where it was not possible to delete sites from lists. I emailed support and the problem was sorted and fixed within a few hours. Impressed. Will be staying.

Chrome User

This is a great product with great support. It's really helped me organize my life.

Firefox User

I use internet with my android phone, windows laptop, and chrome netbook. i use this application as a bookmark manager for all the devices. set it up on one and it is synced to the rest. set it as the opening page, and no more hunting for bookmarks. I set up vague categories and assign bookmarks as best I can. simply copying and pasting URL's. I’ve tried several and thus far, this is the quickest and easiest to use.

Nworb ekim, Chrome User

This home page is able to handle all my needs its perfect.

Robert Lavallee, Chrome User

I have enjoyed using this extension very much. The development team is super responsive to new ways to improve the software and have implemented a number of my suggestions. I love that because it gives me a sense of ownership. I have organized work flows for myself, my business and my clients. KUDOS.

Joel bennett, Chrome User


Organize Bookmarks into Categories

  • Your own categories for all of your bookmarks
  • Drag-and-drop to rearrange your bookmarks and categories
  • Change everything around as often as you like
  • Intuitive bookmark interface
  • Choose your bookmark icon in round or square shape

Sticky Notes for Your Busy Life

  • Put sticky notes on your home page and keep track of your life!
  • Notes, memos, messages, reminders all right on your homepage
  • Keep everything organized with drag-and-drop functions
  • Your notes are auto-saved to the cloud
  • Notes are synced to all of your devices, so you always have your notes with you

Your Own RSS News Feed

  • Create your own news feed to stay up-to-date
  • Get your news from anywhere, including dedicated news sites
  • Include blogs and other sites
  • See your news every time you open a new tab
  • Use our most popular feeds or bring your own
To-Do List

Your To-Do List

  • Create a to-do list right on your start page
  • Sync automatically with all your devices
  • Create as many lists as you need
  • Put things on or take things off your list, quickly
  • No more forgetting important information
To-Do List
Create Multiple Pages

Create Multiple Pages

  • Gather your bookmarks into collections based on your need
  • Work, Home, School, Hobby, and more – as many pages as your need
  • Set any page as your homepage, your start page, or your new tab page
Be Inspired

Get Inspired

  • Inspiring and motivational quote to start your day
  • Read quotes from the world’s most inspiring minds
  • Get a new quote every time you Open Home page or New Tab page.
  • Share easily with your friends and family on social media
Be Inspired
Sync Bookmarks Across Multiple Browsers

Sync Bookmarks Across Multiple Browsers

  • Works with all major browsers and operating systems
  • Works with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Opera
  • All functions work with Windows, Mac, and Linux
Auto Sync

Auto Sync

  • MyMark.me syncs directly to your phone, your tablets, your laptop or PC, and more
  • All you have to do is log into MyMark.me with your username and password
  • Changes are instantly available across all devices with an internet connection
Auto Sync
Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

  • With the HTTPS protocol and Cloudflare Cloud-based Comprehensive Security Solutions, your data is protected from hacking and is encrypted at all times.
  • All you have to do is choose a password that’s hard to crack and your data, work, home, personal, is safe from hackers and cyber attack!

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